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The Kiteboard Dudes The Kiteboard Dudes Cowboy-boarder at high noon Kiteboarding cowboy duel-wielding his six-shooters while surfing the flat waters of the Tampa Bay. 158885574 Cowboy-boarder taking aim "Out of my way, you lazy downwinders!" says the kitesurfing cowboy, as he boosts in the western Florida sky above the Tampa Bay flats. 158885575 Cowboy-boarder rides the western plains "Plains" - flat water of the Tampa Bay, on the western gulf coast of Florida. 158885576 Corporate Boarder On his way to a "board" meeting 158922809 Corporate Boarder Armed with a power tie and a mocha latte 158922810 Corporate Boarder Boosting his own stock 158922811 Corporate Boarder Company man 158922812 Corporate Boarder Toeside leveraging 158922813 Corporate Boarder Working his way up the windy ladder 158922814 Corporate Boarder Reaching out to his downwinder clients 158922815 Formal Boarder A funny thing happened on the way to the formal ... 163649341 Formal Boarder Won't you dance with me? 163649342 Formal Boarder With jazz hands 163649343 Formal Boarder Bay-wear attire 163649344 Hippie Boarder Keep on rockin in the windy world 176926946 Hippie Boarder Like a rolling wave 176926947 Hippie Boarder Give peace a ride 176926948 Hippie Boarder Riders on the swell 176926949 Hippie Boarder Windy in the sky with diamonds 176926950